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Electric Candle -  Grubby Night Light, Star Shaped
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Electric Candle - Grubby Night Light, Star Shaped

This Electric Grubby night light (candle) is highly   fragrant, and includes a tin pan and a 3-watt silicone bulb.  Each comes tied with homespun and a large grungy tag with instructions.  The bulb warms the wax to release the scent, so no fuss. Initially, the fragrance will last for months!  Then refresh your night light/candle occasionally with our scented oils for many years of enjoyment!  They give off just enough light, and have an amazing glow!  Not to mention they smell wonderful just like a candle!

This unique design is star shaped and looks beautiful when the light shines through.  It is highly recommended purchasing a matching oil for your electric candle!  This will ensure that you receive the full benefits of this electric candle for years to come!     Choose from available fragrances listed below.  Approx 4" W x 3.5" H

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